Arte secuencial_Secuencial art

Esta vez, en “1xsemana”, el tema fue “Arte secuencial”. Si entran en [link] van a ver los tremendos trabajos de mis compañeros. Painter X and Photoshop CS2
This time in “One for week”, the theme was “Secuencial art”. If you go to [link], you wil find the great Works of my colleagues. Painter X and Photoshop CS2


benjatoon studio said...

wow sebastian! que bueno encontrar tu blog! tu manejo del painter me encanta! te felicito! quiero ver massss, benja :)

sebastian giacobino said...

Muchas gracias!! se vienen mas trabajos con painter, estate atento!

Steve said...

hey this is stuff is awesome! i love your concept art sorta thing you've got going on, I feel like you should work for like Blizzard entertainment or something wow good job!